Meet some of our Mai Babes wearing our silhouettes over their authentic, real bodies.                                                         Beautiful and strong women who share our values.

Photos taken by themselves, in their own spots. 

Thank you so much for inspiring us and being part of our story.


Elena in Bogotá wearing Molly bra 

Juliana en Medellin  

Juliana & Elias in Medellín wearing Elisa Bottom

Melissa en Panama

Melissa in Panamá wearing crossed bra 

Manuela en Medellin

Manuela in Medellín wearing Macarena bodysuit

Laura en Medellin

Laura in Medellín wearing Molly bra 

Willa en New York usando Lula Bottom

Willa in New York wearing Lula bottom

Angélica in Bogotá wearing Crystal bra 

Salomé en Medellín wearing Greta set

Nina in Bogotá wearing Classic swimwear

Laura in Envigado wearing Translucent bottom 

Karen in Medellín wearing Crystal set

Ana in Bogotá wearing GAI bra 

Manuela in Medellín wearing Tina set

Neram in Bogotá wearing Gia Swimsuit